General competition Rules

1. You should have a BFF pass to participate in contests.

2. We recommend you to register online before the event. However you may can register on Thursday or Friday at the event IF the contests are not fully booked.

3. If you chose "decide later" at the registration form or you want to register for more competitions, we will open a new contest-registration on September 3rd. 

4. If you've already registered for the competitions, you don't need to register again. You can find your registration infos in your confirmation email.

5. Check out the contest schedule below and make sure that you are at the venue at least 15 minutes before the start, since we will begin the competitions right on time.

Newcomers MixnMatch:

Prelims (Friday at 17:30) - Individuals will rotate partners and be judged individually. Songs will be of varying tempos and styles.

Finals (Friday 21:00) - competitors will get to final and be randomly paired with a Pro-dancer and will not rotate. Final contest will be in Pro-Am format. The competitors will dance in dual spotlight format with their Partner and be judged individually.

You can be in Newcomer if:

    • you have not finaled in any Blues dance competition in the same Role.
    • You are not in Level 4 or 5.
Open MixnMatch:

Prelims (Friday 18:00) - Individuals will rotate partners and be judged individually. Songs will be of varying tempos and styles.

Finals (Friday 21:30) - Competitors will change partners and be judged as individuals.


Prelims (Saturday 17:30) - Dancers register as a couple and will dance in all skates to songs of varying tempos and styles.

Finals (Saturday 23:30) - Couples will dance All-skate first and then each couple dances on Spotlight.

Solo Cuttin':

Prelims (Saturday 18:00) - Competitors will dance to recorded music with varying of tempos and styles.

Finals (Saturday 21:30) - Final is in Cuttin' format.

Fever Showcase:

(Sunday 22:00) - Every team/Solo dancer has 40 to 80 seconds for the showcase. (Depending on amount of percipants, there may be a prelims during early evening on Sunday)

Invitational MixnMatch:

(Saturday 00:45) - There is no prelims in this devision. Dancers will dance to live music and it will be self-judged.

If you are competing in the invitational MixnMatch, you are not allowed to compete in the Newcomer MnM or Open MixnMatch in the same role.


The list of prizes will be announced at the event.